My ideal project allows me to work with a business whose mission I admire. It requires that I solve both visual and technical problems, and it is structured to ensure that the expertise of the business owners, the goals of the business, and the needs of their their clientele are reflected in the final solutions.


  • Experience as an agile project lead and a technical lead. Proven strategies for keeping priorities clear, productivity and business value high, and communication open and efficient.
  • Ability to create effective and simple user experiences even given complex requirements
  • Experience creating grid-based visual designs and templates for dynamic and content-rich sites
  • Use of best practices, including creation of sites that meet and
  • Build to enhance web performance and site speed
  • Knowledge of and attention to best practices for Search Engine Optimization
  • Bilingual English/Spanish; ability to create dual or Spanish Language sites

Skills and Technical Highlights


  • HTML (advanced)
  • CSS (advanced)
  • jQuery + JavaScript (intermediate)
  • XML (advanced)


  • JSP (advanced)
  • XSLT (intermediate)
  • RUBY/RAILS (novice)
  • MySQL (novice)
  • PHP (novice)


Content Management

  • Custom CMS Experience (intermediate)
  • WordPress (novice)

Project Management

  • Experience Leading Agile Projects
  • Experience Defining Project Architecture + UI Requirements for Distributed Teams


  • Photoshop (advanced)
  • Illustrator (intermediate)
  • Grid-Based Design (intermediate)
  • Information Architecture (novice)
  • User Testing, User-Based Design Strategies (intermediate)
  • Color, Imagery, Typography (novice)

Web Authoring Tools

Version Control

  • Subversion
  • Git (novice)

Read more about my experience and background in my cover letter.

Work Experience

Freelance Web Developer/Designer: San Francisco, California October 2007 – Present

Triporati Website Rebuild 3/09 - 8/10

Designer and UI Developer
  • Visual Design
  • User Testing
  • Reworked User Interaction Design for Creating Group Profiles
  • Identified problem areas in old system, defined new JSP Architecture
  • JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Re-skinned Co-Branded Sites using CSS
  • Google Maps JS API integration

Little Lane Studios Website 4/09 - 2/10

Designer and Developer
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • PayPal Integration

SFMOMA Website Redesign 1/08 - 12/08

Web Production Assistant at SFMOMA
  • Template and Content Management
  • Image Production

Recurrent Energy Website Redesign 4/08 - 7/08

Lead Developer
  • As technical lead, used agile development process
  • Dynamic integration of external blog content

Lanikai Beach Vacation Rentals 12/08

Designer and Developer
  • Visual design and information architecture
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript

BART Website Redesign 10/07 - 12/07

Contractor with Carbon Five
  • Responsible for populating JSP templates with valid, semantic HTML and CSS
  • Worked closely with project-lead and client in agile development environment
  • Met specifications of detailed style guide from Hot Studios

SFMOMA Website Redesign 5/07 - 10/07

Intern with Carbon Five
  • Worked in tandem with senior front-end developer to create semantic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Worked in agile development environment with weekly iterations and daily meetings
  • Attended weekly discussions on best practices in front-end development


  • Bachelor of Arts: Spanish Language and Literature, The University of Colorado, 2001
  • Certified in Elementary Education: The University of Colorado, 2001
  • Certified in Elementary Education: The State of Hawaii, 2002