project details


Intern with Carbon Five May 2007 - October 2007

Web Production Assistant at SFMOMA January 2008 - December 2008

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Content Integration
  • Image Processing
  • PDF templates

Visual Design by Hot Studio


I worked on implementing Hot's beautiful design at both Carbon Five and at SFMOMA.

I was hired by SFMOMA after beginning work on the re-design of their site as an intern at Carbon Five. This allowed me to continue to follow the site through launch while helping to integrate static and dynamic content into the templates, process images, work with and document the Content Management System (CMS), participate in organizational meetings, and continue to update the SFMOMA site (including the Yahoo!-powered MuseumStore) throughout the process.

I brought a unique body of knowledge to my position at the SFMOMA, because I got to see the project from multiple perspectives, both as a vendor and as a client. At Carbon Five I had worked to create valid and semantic HTML and CSS for the site in accordance to an extremely detailed Hot Studio design, so I was already very familiar with the foundation of the site. This included a unique system for changing CSS color schemes with the addition of a single class name in the template, the use of microformats, Google Maps API, and innovative recycling of styles across numerous and diverse templates. Because of this, I could often offer technical insight and assistance as changes arose and new pages were created to accommodate added information. Additionally, the experience made me ever-more conscientious of the process a business or organization goes through to develop content, get ideas approved, share information across departments, prepare and obtain rights for images, and prioritize their needs. I am quite sure I will be a better developer because of this increased understanding of the needs and challenges of clients.

In my position at SFMOMA I was privileged to work in the Publications Department with an award-winning team of writers, editors, and graphic designers as well as the SFMOMA webteam. I was consistently impressed with the unrelenting dedication to excellence that my co-workers demonstrated. I enjoyed working with each of them and left the SFMOMA with an enhanced sense of all that goes into great design, the importance of imagery, and a much better understanding of all it takes to produce quality content. It was a real treat to see the site go live and a great pleasure to work with such a talented team of people.