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Recurrent Energy

Lead Developer April 2008 - July 2008

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS

Visual Design by Inese Silina

Recurrent Energy

I was the technical lead on this rebuild for a company that provides solar as a service.

I worked with Recurrent Energy to refresh their site with a revised design, new content, and increased functionality. As the technical lead, I ran the project in a way that was consistent with the agile development process by working with Recurrent to identify their priorities, checking-in regularly, and presenting my progress in weekly iteration meetings. Through meetings with the designer, Inese Silina, I also ensured we were able to communicate regularly about my implementation of her designs and the best ways to integrate added functionality and changes. This allowed us to work efficiently, even with an ambitious schedule and launch date.

I re-worked all the HTML for the site, created new CSS, and added a number of dynamic features to allow Recurrent's clients to easily see updated news events, access important information, and be able to see content from the blog of the company's CEO, Arno Harris. I used jQuery to maximize my ability to quickly increase functionality, adding features like client-side form validation, easily-updatable news rotations, and tabs to make archiving information easy and efficient. I used PHP to write data from forms to a format Recurrent's marketing team could access, display information dynamically, and for server-side includes.