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Contractor with Carbon Five October 2007 - December 2007

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • 508 Accessibility Compliance

Visual Design by Hot Studio


I worked on the acessible BART site while contracting at Carbon Five.

I was part of the team responsible for creating the HTML templates and CSS for the new BART site. With Carbon Five's project lead, I used JSP to create valid and semantic HTML templates and CSS to implement Hot Studio's design. It was very important that the site be highly accessible, so we worked to ensure that we used the best practices to meet 508 Accessibility Standards and that our mark-up and tabular data could be easily read by screen-readers. I participated in standing daily meetings, weekly iteration presentations and meetings with the design team at Hot Studio. After the templates were completed, Robert Falconer went on to do the back-end work to complete the site.