I find it especially satisfying to create sites for organizations and businesses whose mission I respect and whose creativity is inspiring. I use skills I have acquired through diverse experience to create designs, build sites using the best practices, manage projects effectively, and continue to increase my knowledge of available technologies.

I am skilled in the creation of semantic and valid HTML and CSS and follow web standards to ensure that my work is clean and solid. I have proven experience testing across browsers and write CSS that is backwards-compliant. I have worked as a technical lead and as part of a team of designers and developers. I am a fan and often use the jQuery library, along with some custom JavaScript, to add dynamic functionality to sites. I am familiar with , microformats, and the best practices for site speed and SEO. I have advanced experience creating JSP templates, importing and exporting XML, and have basic knowledge of RUBY and PHP. I am also experienced with Photoshop and sometimes use Illustrator in my design work. My interest in visual and interface design has also contributed to my knowledge of information architecture, typography, grid-based design, and color theory as well as my attention to detail.

I use the agile development process to manage my work, which is to say that I work iteratively and employ regular check-ins and meetings to make sure that my work is driven by my clients' priorities and infused with their knowledge of their businesses and industries. My experience working in this way and with other agile developers makes me efficient and helps to ensure that my work is transparent, flexible, and adaptable. I am bilingual and able to work with content in both Spanish and English.

I have my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature and a Teaching Certification in Elementary Education. I spent over seven years working in education (as a teacher, tutor, and a non-profit program coordinator working with kids from preschool to high school). I am really proud of the work I did during this time; however, I wanted to do work that allowed for a different kind of creativity and provided a measurable sense of accomplishment. In this way I came to web development and design.

I began with an excellent internship at Carbon Five. This was an incredible learning experience in the best possible environment; I feel confident saying that I have learned from some of the brightest people in the business. I attained an excellent introduction to web-standards driven development, the creation of semantic and valid HTML and CSS, and the agile process that Carbon Five uses to manage projects. This gave me the foundation to take on projects of my own.

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